Dr. Isaac Jones

Elevays Creator
& Rockstar

Dr. Isaac Jones DC, BS, is a functional nutrition expert, doctor of chiropractic and certified in human potential medicine with a passion to help busy and successful people predict and prevent disease, while living at their peak state of health.

In 2010 Erica & Isaac started a virtual health consulting company, which grew to become one of the largest health consulting companies in the world.

They have created Elevays.com to teach the high performing people of this world performance nutrition, natural medicine, healthy recipes, organic product reviews, healthy travel hacks and much more.

Dr. Isaac Jones has been named “the doctor of the future” and featured in INC magazine, PBS and other respectable media outlets. He’s a world leading expert in helping executives and entrepreneurs access high performance through human potential healthcare.


He uses cutting-edge research supported strategies such as lifestyle genetics, cellular detoxification and advanced customized nutritional solutions to create long-term sustainable transformations for the people he serves. These clinically proven strategies that his clients implement have seen an average of a 3x increase in energy, doubling of productivity, a 4x increase in wellbeing scores and an average of an 80% reversal of todays most common disease promoting factors in 6 months. In addition to transforming the lives of executives and entrepreneurs he speaks in Asia, Europe, Australia and across America on Human Potential Healthcare and trains doctors around the world on these advanced life-changing solutions.

Erica Jones

Elevays Creator
& Rockstar

Erica Jones MHS, BS, is a natural beauty expert with her masters in health sciences who is passionate about gourmet health food, organic beauty and personal care as well as helping you elevate the amount of love, happiness and beauty you have for yourself everyday.

In 2010 Erica & Isaac started a virtual health consulting company, which grew to become one of the largest health consulting companies in the world.

They have created Elevays.com to teach the high performing people of this world performance nutrition, natural medicine, healthy recipes, organic product reviews, healthy travel hacks and much more.

Erica Jones started off in the Medical Field winning awards as a sales rep for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. On paper everything looked perfect.


She was making great money, purchased her first home and lived in a warm location near a beach. But there was a void that quickly developed because she came to hate her job, and wasn’t living in her true passions. She was disappointed in her life as there was a disconnect between her dreams and reality. She took a big-chance and left everything she knew to follow her dreams. She started educating women on beauty, anti-aging solutions and true health solutions. She married the man of her dreams, had kids and became the CEO of Elevays.com. Her mission is to help you to stay true to yourself, embrace your inner and outer beauty, naturally as you are and to love yourself and your life. Her mantra is to live life beautifully!
May you be inspired to live your best life now! This is the only life you have.

Dr. Matthew Accurso

Lead Consulting Doctor
& Co-Visionary of Elevays Health

At age 5 I was an expert at reading lips due to a 75% hearing loss and at age 8 I almost flunked out of school due to my “disability.” At 9 years old I was called to be a Doctor of Cause at the foot of a stage while listening to my uncle speak. In that moment I vowed to help people overcome “the cause” of their health problems.

From there, I never looked back.

At age 12 I gave my first talk to doctors around the world and ran the 5th largest wellness clinic in America at 28. I am one of America’s best concierge wellness advisors and the top healthpreneurs, CEOs and executives are among my clients.

I also co-host Superhuman Entrepreneur, a top ten rated podcast by Inc. Magazine. I teach doctors across the world on the most cutting edge strategies to optimize high performance and magnify their impact. I also lead high performance retreats around the world in Sri Lanka, Maui and Japan.

My greatest accomplishment is marrying my high school sweetheart Lauren and currently raising 3 sassy Italian girls with consistently salty hair.


Fun Facts About Me…

I’m a competitive surfer. I was raised in ocean water and I shall die in it.
I jest 😉 .. not really.

I’m a closet 80’s love song junkie. Owe it to my mom. I know all of them. I bet you $1 dollar I know all the words to the next one in your head.

My uncle, my 4 cousins and two of their spouses are passionate doctors. My mom used to say, “You can be anything you want to be as long as it’s a chiropractor”.. did I have a choice here?

I sang in a boy band. All evidence has been burned. No, you will not get the name.

I was deemed a “Ward Of The State Of Virginia” when I was born. We were so poor my mom couldn’t afford the medical bill. I think I washed dishes in the cafeteria till I was 2 to pay the debt.

I hunt wild boar (with tusks and junk). I honestly don’t trust FDA labeling. There’s one label in the wild … ORGANIC.

I almost died surfing Hurricane Floyd. My baggies were ripped off and wrapped so tight around my ankles I couldn’t swim.

My father is buried in Arlington National. He passed away at 52 years old. He is one of the reasons I do what I do today.

I was invited to speak in from of the royal Ven Preeda of Thailand. To date, I am the only doctor to have ever been invited to teach in his temple.

I was in a video game competition. To this day, I am the reigning champ in a small north Florida town.

YOU’RE not here by chance. You’ve been created to THRIVE. You haven’t been given a spirit of fear but rather of Power, of Love and of a Sound Mind. Let’s change the world together.

Natalie Segerson

Customer Happiness Specialist
Executive Assistant for Elevays
Jack of All Trades (she literally does it ALL)

I grew up in a huge Italian family where food was part of the culture. Learning to cook from my grandmothers and father helped me to recognize the importance of eating fresh whole foods. My mother and grandmother were both professional models who taught me the meaning of true beauty and a healthy lifestyle. I aspired to be just like them and I learned to love the beauty industry, fitness world and I developed a passion for great food.

I was a gymnast and dancer for about 18 years, always competing and working hard to stay in shape. After graduating I moved to Chicago where I was a makeup artist doing runway, photo shoots, weddings, and teaching others how to naturally look their best. I then fell back to my Italian roots with my love of food and started a career at Whole Foods Market.

There, I started working as a chef in the kitchen in their main headquarters in Austin, TX. Later I became a Buyer/Produce Specialist. I loved living a healthy lifestyle, teaching others the benefits of eating healthy organic whole foods and the importance of nutrition.


I have a caring personality and I love helping others. So being able to be around the best food and helping people was a dream job for me. During those years I met and fell in love with my husband Jim who was also a chef and together we grew to learn and create amazing healthy dishes.

As new parents we live and breathe the healthy lifestyle instilling this culture into our son Leonardo. This is why I am so passionate about working at Elevays. I get to take all of my knowledge, experience, and talents to help others. I currently live in Denver, CO with my husband, son, and our three dogs. I still stay as active as possible hiking in the mountains every chance I get.
Natalie Family

My 10 Silly/Fun Facts:

I have a huge family! I grew up in an Italian Family. One half is Italian and the other half is Sicilian. We all lived in one house, my Mom, Dad, Grandma, Great Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle.

I am a total Foodie/Food Snob! My husband (an ex chef, now a realtor) and I both worked in the food world, and love trying the hottest restaurants and newest recipes. It doesn’t always have to be high end, just fresh and delicious!

When I was younger I wanted to be a Fashion Designer! I grew up in a house of models. My Mom was a model and my Grandma a retired model so I was always surrounded by the fashion world. I was in love and still am! I have been sketching designs since I was young and still do when I have free time.

My favorite show of all time is The Office! I love every episode of this show. Its hilarious, romantic, and such a portrayal of “real life”. Anytime I am mad, sad or upset I put this on and I immediately laugh and feel better. It’s my happy pill. Modern Family is a close 2nd.

My longest friendship has been for 27 years and counting! My best friend Emiie and I have been BFF’s since we were 3 years old. We met in preschool and the rest is history. We have been inseparable ever since. She is the sister I never had.

My brother and I are almost a decade apart! My one and only sibling, is my younger brother Anthony. We are almost 10 years apart but we are super close!

I have lived in 4 states! My husband and I used to have lots of opportunities to move from city to city with our jobs. We have lived in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Austin, TX and now Denver, CO.

My son has 6 grandparents! My Mom and Dad got divorced when I was young, but they remarried amazing people who of course were also Italian with huge families! So I am lucky enough to have 4 wonderful parents! (Who oddly all get along and hang out). So my son is going to be totally spoiled since he is the first grandchild!

I hike 14’ers! I live in the amazing and beautiful state of Colorado. One of my favorite things to do with my husband is hike. We love to take it to the next level and hike 14’ers. A 14’er is a mountain that is at least 14,000 Feet or higher. There are 53 in the state of Colorado and we plan to tackle them all!

I LOVE MY JOB! I truly hit the jackpot finding Dr Jones and the Elevays team! Not only do we do amazing life changing work but they are all family!

Sherri Apple

Creative Director
Autoimmune Advocate
& Head Nerd

My story began on a small farm in the country, as a wee little tadpole eating whole foods and running barefoot on the grass. The oldest of four, I grew up in a family that loves humor, music, art and the outdoors. Classically trained in piano, I had every intention of continuing my musical path well into college and beyond, but I got sick… really sick. And this is where my life path changed, entirely.

For the next decade I would be fighting for my health and my life, not knowing the underlying cause. Unfortunately my work as an entrepreneur only worsened my situation, as I pushed my body into complete burnout. I was eventually bed ridden for 2 years and almost died in the ER multiple times from heart failure. Weighing in at 75 pounds, my body was failing to function and I had no idea why. I was introduced to natural medicine and nutrition during this time and along with a team of brilliant doctors I finally received a diagnosis of severe Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s and Adrenal Fatigue. After so many years of being sick, I was finally able to start healing.

On my journey to healing, I have cultivated a passion for whole food, all things natural health, essential oils, a balanced work/life approach for entrepreneurs and getting the message out to as many people as possible that natural medicine IS powerful and it heals.


I also come to the table with the knowledge that true, complete health is a balanced mind, body and spirit. My mind and body were well along in their healing journey, but my spirit needed some extra help. That’s when God sent me my now wonderful husband, Patrick Apple, to walk alongside me in this journey. Can we get three cheers for Patrick?
Patrick & Sherri

Fun Facts About Me:

I am a dreamer. I have my feet on the ground but my head is in the clouds most of the time thinking about what’s possible.

I am a creator. I have always loved making something from nothing. Whether it’s composing music or bringing a design to life, I find myself feeling the most alive in these moments.

I loooove to read. You will almost always find me with my head in a good book.

I have a ridiculous sense of humor. Life is too short to take anything too seriously. Laughter is the best medicine and I love making people laugh.

My loves are the sea and the arts. If I could surround myself with music 24/7 I would. Take me to the ocean and let me breathe in the salt air and I’m at my happy place.

My passions are natural medicine, nutrition and healing. I love being able to help people work towards and achieve true, lasting and vibrant health.

My greatest hope
is now that you’ve found Elevays, you’ll stay, you’ll learn, you’ll heal and you’ll go on to share this story and mission with those that cross your path; because the world needs to experience more today, tomorrow and on into the next generation and beyond. Let’s cultivate a culture of wellness and let’s pass it on with passion!

Stephanie McCary

& Content Assistant

Hi! I’m Stephanie McCary and I’m a wife to the love of my life, Russ, and mama to two little boys, Luke and Kieran! 10 years ago I found out I had Celiac Disease and Hashimotos (an autoimmune thyroid disease). I was only told to stay away from gluten and to take a pill every day for my thyroid. No talk of diet or lifestyle changes to help heal my body or put my diseases into remission holistically.

My health continued to spiral downward despite eating gluten free and taking medication for my thyroid. I felt like I was falling apart at only 20 years old! Then one Sunday in 2009, I was chatting with a friend at church and she introduced me to Dr Jones. I jokingly told him I would turn my head to say hello but I had woken up with a stiff neck and couldn’t! He recommended I get into his office for a chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible!

Little did I know that would change the entire course of my life.

I discovered my spine was seriously out of alignment causing a lot of health issues and pain. One of the most valuable things I learned was how to use food to help heal my body and calm the raging fire that was my immune system. I had no idea that was even a possibility!


For the last decade, through lots of trial and error, I have dedicated myself to learn how to use holistic medicine and food to heal my body and put these diseases back into remission. Once I learned about epigenetics a few years ago I discovered that diet, lifestyle and toxic load can literally change how our genes are expressed.

I was determined to eat a lifelong healing diet for my autoimmune diseases, get control of stress and anxiety and convert all my household cleaning products, makeup, and personal care to organic, non toxic items. What started as a mission to heal my own body has grown into a God given passion to help others discover how to heal their own bodies from disease and support them in their journey in reclaiming a vibrant and healthy life.

I am so excited to work alongside the Elevays Team in supporting you on your journey to wellness!

Here’s Some of My Obsessions…

I’m baby obsessed! I’ve had “baby fever” since I was a little girl! After both of my sons were born I’ve asked my husband when we can have the next baby! I may or may not already be plotting our third child…
Stephanie McCary (with Family)

I’m water obsessed! I love the ocean, the lake, swimming in the pool, or even soaking in a hot Epsom salt bath with essential oils. I even had water births for both of my sons!

I’m obsessed with learning!
Especially when it comes to autoimmune diseases. I’m the only person I know who enjoys listening to teaching series on small intestinal bacterial overgrowths while folding laundry. I’m a chronic researcher and I enjoy every minute of it! (I like to document my healthy living and eating discoveries on my Instagram account “autoimmunewell!”)

I’m obsessed with label reading! You just don’t even want to go to the grocery store with me if you’re in a hurry. I read over and scrutinize every single ingredient in anything that isn’t a fruit, vegetable, or piece of meat. I’m always on the lookout for companies and brands that make quality, healthy food I can trust!

I’m obsessed with working out! I’ve done everything from CrossFit, to hot yoga, to spin classes. I love being active and even more so if it means I can be outdoors. My favorite “day dates” with my husband usually involve 5 mile trail runs and grabbing an organic, cold-pressed “victory” juice afterwards.